How do I deal with my parents acting so differently because they split up?

It’s just gets more and more hard ever since my mum told my dad they’re not together anymore. At first my dad was sort of in denial and thought she was just messing around but she’s been talking to guys on Facebook, WhatsApp etc. and my dad gets jealous and hurt.

She goes out on the weekends now and she never used to. She always was a stay at home person but she changed so much. Dad says she’s going through a mid life crisis because some of the things she says is crazy and not logical and explains her sudden change of behaviour. She said she’s doing it because she wants to get back at my dad from the time 15 years ago when he went out and partied and left my mum on her own with me when I was a baby.

My dad is constantly hurt by the things my mum says like she’s not attracted to him anymore and wants to go out and find other guys. He’s been stalking my mum a little like spying on her through the window to see who she’s texting on her phone and spying on her when she goes out. Last night when my mum went out he went to where she was and found her sitting in a bar talking to a guy. When he came home he broke down and I’ve never seen my dad like that. It was the hardest thing ever. He was crying hysterically and hugging me and my brother saying he needed us so much.

It’s so hard to deal with both of my parents and their emotions at the moment. They’re constantly making me pick sides and I can’t do that. I just want peace it’s all just so confusing how they’re acting it makes me nervous all the time because I don’t know what will happen next. It’s probably best for them to move apart and not live in the same house but there’s financial issues with that. I just want to support both my parents but I’m not quiet sure what to do to stop this.
How do I deal with my parents acting so differently because they split up?
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