She Had sex with my cousin , what do I do?

My ex girlfriend and I can’t seem to get along. We have a strong connection but then we have different ideas causing emotions to get involved and I get upset and take her home and we break up.

I know not healthy. This has become a cycle and whenever we break up I date someone because I’m bored. I found out every time we break up she’s been having sex with my cousin.

From my understanding , she didn’t know we were related , they just bumped into each other through mutual friends on Facebook.

They hook up now. During our break ups , she’s sleeping with my cousin or another dude. Do I have the right to be mad? What would you do?

Yes I actually do break up with her and go my own way. But then I start missing her after a few weeks and we meet up again.

She knows we are cousins now but before she claimed she didn’t know. Either way , we are broken up and I just know she’s with him now because during our last break up she said... no hard feelings I’ll continue sleeping with your cousin every time you decide to just break things off over an dumb argument. by the way , I didn’t know he was your cousin until recently.

Oh well, we were broken up so it’s not cheating and no I don’t feel comfortable discussing anything with my cousin and plus I don’t even know which cousin she didn’t tell me.

yes , I admit I’m very insecure sometimes because she’s pretty.
She Had sex with my cousin , what do I do?
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