Girls, She writes me long paragraphs but not to the others?

it’s a new year at university, me and few old friends from first year have decided to stay together in the same flat in student halls.

however there is 3 new students, 2 guys and one girl. So the other 7 I know from last year , they are quite a rough bunch. They set up a group chat and added the new students who will be staying with us.

So so this new girl who is kinda cute, she asked what people was studying trying to get to know her new flat mates. And my friends who are second year can be really mean and they obnoxious. They lied about what they are studying and wasn’t being genuine. So a few was lying and joking around and didn’t take her very seriously. And others called them out on there lies. So a few keep trying to be funny.

So now she is very minimalist, she doesn’t hardly say anything in the main group chat. But I stayed talking to her in private messages.

she send me really long paragraphs and is really nice, I told her I would help her move her stuff in when her family drops her off. I really want to get to know her. And I ask her questions and interested in who she is.

But it I just noticed she sends me really long paragraphs and doesn’t say anything in the group chat with others. I ask her to the freshers fair when uni starts and she wants to come with me. She seems really cute, but I am into weight lifting and stuff,

just unsure why she doesn’t really like talking to the others and is kinda Standofish with them but with me she sends huge paragraphs and opens up to me
Girls, She writes me long paragraphs but not to the others?
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