What is he playing at?

Was getting to know this guy for 6 months, things were going well & started getting serious. Because of that he pulled back & caused an argument between us so that I wouldn’t like him anymore. He later apologised & explained the situation and said he tends to push people away when things get serious & that it’s scary.

I accepted the apology & have moved on, we don’t really speak anymore even as friends, however he will sometimes reach out. However, today he sent me a Snapchat which was to do with something I sent him ages ago.

I sent him a meme meme weeks ago saying ‘relationship compatibility test: watch the office and if they don’t laugh at the same things as you show them the door.’ Today he snapchatted me a clip of the office with him laughing, I ignored it & didn’t respond. Why is he acting like this when he has also told me he doesn’t like me that way anymore?
What is he playing at?
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