Is he still in love with me?

Me and this man work in the same company, in the beginning we were just friends, but I saw that he was flirting me day to day. after some months we had something, and it was going good.
he had a vacation 2 weeks in England, and now that he is back he is like stone, he doesn’t write me anymore he doesn’t call he doesn’t hug me nothing. I tried to ask him but he said that everything is ok, we’re like friends. before he said that he really started to love me, so I told also my feelings to him, he was really happy.
Now I’m clueless I don’t know what happened.
I don’t want to ask him anymore because he skips this conversation, and I am hurt.
today when I said that I talked to a mutual friend of ours in phone for 30 minutes he was a bit jealous. But he is trying to hide it.
what to do, could someone tell me beside talking with him and confront him because he won’t talk.
and I’m tired making questions.. please help me, what can I do, leave him alone? Or something that it will question him if he is ready to lose me.

p. s: we never did give our relationship a label, id we are friends, lovers, or something else..
Is he still in love with me?
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