I visited my exes parents, and now I’m more confused than ever?

My ex and I broke up a few weeks ago out of nowhere. It certainly hit me hard because I didn’t expect it. He ended things and said some horrendous things and all contradictory. We met up 2 weeks ago and he apologised and he was completely cold and reserved with his emotions and said that he wished me the best and that he stands by his decision. He honestly ended things out of nowhere and he said he needed to go find himself, but it sounded like he was cutting the ties for good. He said he didn’t know if we’d be best friends and he told me to give away his ticket for an upcoming holiday we have together. He even said he wasn’t going to go on tinder but since has.

I went to his home today to drop off his clothes and to give his mom a birthday present and she insisted that I came in. She sat me down and told me the whole family are devastated. She said she thought we’d end up together and that she’s heartbroken. She said she doesn’t know why he ended things because you have to work through things in relationships and that they aren’t always perfect. Even though he and I got on amazingly (but he said he was having doubts for months which I don’t believe).

Meeting her made the situation harder because she said I need to give him time and space and that you never know what might happen, but she seemed really keen that we fix things. She begged me to remain friends with him so we can keep close so that someday we’ll get back together. She was telling me that since we broke up, he’s a lot sadder in himself and that he doesn’t tell anyone how he’s feeling but she knows he’s not okay. She said he doesn’t go out and get drunk, he sits in and just focuses on trying to get job interviews. She said she thinks the decision was irrational and in time he will see what he had.

I don’t know what to do or think now because at the end of the day it is between he and I. I’d love if he wanted to fix things but I can’t tell!
I visited my exes parents, and now I’m more confused than ever?
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