Should I leave my boyfriend? Just found out his a PERV?

Please help me I don't know what to do my mind is dead my heart has stopped I just feel like I can jump off a roof and if that doesn't help. Shoot myself in the head. But Lord knows I don't want to go to hell so please help me x,( my boyfriend am di of four years we've been good and all of a sudden he became obsessed with fb so today I took his phone and he said look at it I'm not cheating on you but somehow I saw the pics of a hidden folder and he had just taken eight consecutive pics of my fifteen years old sisters ass! I don't know what the fuk to think we barely talked in the phone and he owned up to it that he didn't know why the hell he did that and that it was fucked up and that he somehow got tired of me always wondering if I was cheating in him? I told him that's not true and to not make me the crazy insecure psycho bitch bc I'm not. We both play along by asking things like when I'd say I went to drink with my friend Jazmine at her apt he'd be all like 'so what else you do huh?' and he'd tickle me and I'd be the same but somehow today shit just hit the fan when I saw this? I don't know what to think I feel gross and betrayed and I just don't know please help me his a good person but this is fukin weird and whack
Should I leave my boyfriend? Just found out his a PERV?
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