Our break up makes no sense and I can’t move on from it?

My ex and I broke up after 3 years together. He broke up with me out of nowhere and gave a million irrelevant reasons but when we met again he had calmed down and said he just needed to figure himself out.

He showed no emotion during the breakup and said he felt it was for the best. It seemed very final. 2 days before the break up, he’d been saying he wanted me to move away with him to another city when he got a job, & he was making sexual passes and saying I was the best thing that had ever happened to him. We’d a holiday booked for November and he kept saying he couldn’t wait. Now that we’ve broken up, he’s made comments that I should bring one of my girl friends on the trip (it’s a city that’s not safe for women). I told him I wouldn’t be bringing a girl, & he quickly said “well then give the tickets away to your parents”. Not joking when I say he was so excited about it.

I met an old friend of ours last week who he’s reconnected with, & he said my ex is telling people that we grew distant, which is a lie because we were closest when he ended things.

I have ran into my ex twice now and each time he sees me, it’s like he’s seen a ghost. I think he isn’t expecting to see me around because he’s muted me online because he said it hurts him too much to see what I’m doing. So seeing me in person doesn’t seem to be any easier. He’s unfollowing me on some social media accounts too. He also owes me money which he said he’d give me and hasn’t.

I dropped his clothes to his house and his mom said she can’t understand why we ended. She said she’d just seen us together & there were no signs. She said time is a healer & she believes 1 day we’ll get back together. She said he’s just anxious about the future and must’ve snapped. She said ever since the breakup he seems very down and isn’t going out and having fun.

Everyone I’ve spoken to seems baffled by this decision, and I don’t know what to do because I don’t want this to be the end either.
Our break up makes no sense and I can’t move on from it?
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