Get her back after insulting her?

Hey guys,

At the beginning of the year I was with a girl that I really liked. She was into drugs and undecided whether she wants to be with me or not. After few months she said that she would like to try and I agreed. Since she is living away so we spent only few days together and everything was so beautiful. Also she was the one making more steps forward. We had really amazing time together.

Few days after I went back to my city she stopped talking to me and after many questions she said that she doesn’t know what she wants. After few days I insulted her very bad because she was into drugs. She blocked my phone number and social media. Few months later I am still blocked and most probably she forgot about my existence. :D

But I still remember her and deeply inside I think I still want her. Is that normal? What can I do about it?
Get her back after insulting her?
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