Ex trying to get information?

so I've been chatting to my after we broke in six months ago. Initially I asked to try again three times, meet up, work something out etc and it was always just a no. So I left her be and I have to say the last six months have been the hardest of my life. It's my first heart break so I've never been through it before. Anyway. Every now and again she would pop up and then ignore me after a while, always slightly cold towards me but pleasant enough. The last contact was she out of the blue sent me a link to something and then deliberately ignored my reply for over month (she's done this before) I never send her another one because I think it's rude to ignore someone. Anyway, I accidentally send her a text meant for someone else. To my surprise she replied back and since has been chatting to me. However I know for a fact that she has been chatting to another guy, maybe more and she's liking pics and adding guys as friends (were still connected on social media) We have been chatting and she's been asking how I am which she never has done, and keeps saying she hopes everything is ok, that she's glad I'm good and asking me what I've been upto, what I'm doing at the weekend etc etc. Like she's prying for information? She also really polite to me as am I to her, saying she really happy my job is going well, and she's pleased I'm okay etc. I asked how she was and she very enthusiastically (more so than usual) replied saying evrything is really good! And lots of smiley faces. Seemed a bit out of the ordinary. I've kept it polite and civil but I haven't asked her out again, she's said no enough time previous and whilst she's chatting with me she mentioned she met up with friends and then pics appeared and a new guy (much older) was there. Soemone I don't know, and she's added him as a friend. . I really don't know what to make of this. I'm trying not to think about it too much, my hearts been battered the last few months I'm not sure I can take more lol. Any thoughts?
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Ex trying to get information?
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