I feel uneasy about my boyfriend’s therapist?

I went to a session once with my boyfriend. His therapist decided to do a one on one with me. Afterward, he asked if I wanted to be his client. I told him I did not think it was a good idea, as me and my boyfriend are going through issues (we almost broke up), and it would be bad for me, mentally. His therapist continued to try and “sell” himself to me, and got offended when I said no, even after he said he wouldn’t. This is very unethical for two people to have the same therapist, especially on the brink of breaking up. He would be unable to be unbiased. He has also broke confidentiality, by telling me things my boyfriend has said, and telling my boyfriend stories about other clients that my boyfriend has run into in the office.

Anyways, his therapist has a closed young mens group. He told my boyfriend that he is selective in who he let’s join, and told my boyfriend he had brought the group out to a dinner and show (this is a seriously unprofessional!) His therapist can be very pushy, and I think he acts very unprofessionally and unethically.

My boyfriend told his therapist he wouldn’t be going to last weeks meeting, and the therapist said “okay, but keep in mind, everyone was expecting to meet you tonight”. My boyfriend told me himself that it rubbed him the wrong way and he was upset about it

My boyfriend is set on going to this men’s group, and it makes me feel so uncomfortable because this therapist acts so unethically, and is a bit manipulative.
I feel uneasy about my boyfriend’s therapist?
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