Getting back with ex?

I broke up with my boyfriend (m25) of 2.5 years a year ago because of my depression. I Didn't feel anything, I couldn't say to him I love you. I was afraid I'm going to hurt him even more so I pushed him away. I knew it was a mistake then and I know it even better now.
It was our anniversary date this year and I went at our special place because I was feeling low. And he showed up. We spent the afternoon together but we haven't talked about us.
I see him often because we hang out with same groups of people and everytime I see him we talk for hours.
I'm really afraid to come up with question if he would forgive me and take me back. I know I love him but I don't want to tell him.
I hurt him so much and I'm afraid to do it again.
I don't know what to do? Should I just leave it like that? Would I hurt him again if I mention it? Because I don't want to hurt him again.
Getting back with ex?
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