Why did she reach out to me?

I had lost contact with a childhood friend in the years following my college graduation. We went a few years without talking, and we weren't even connected on Facebook. So we didn't talk for 3 years.
But I messaged her when I discovered her on a dating Website and we talked for a bit. She then randomly texted me asking if it was still my number.
We went out in a date and it went ok, but she made it kinda awkward and the conversation after felt forced. I asked her out again, and she very rudely rejected me and was very critical about me and it bothered me.
She randomly messaged me about random things, but she later said she wanted to be friends. I said I wasn't sure, because she didn't talk to me during those 3 years and she was very rude about the date. She didn't respond.
A month later she sent me a random message about the Incredibles and I didn't respond.
It's now been a year, and I had blocked her number and I blocked her on Instagram as well. But would still see her profile on dating sites. I got a text from her with a new number and she was asking me to help her move and do some audio work on her car.
I didn't respond, and then blocked her on Facebook because she was a friend suggestion.
I don't understand why she'd randomly message me after a year.
Just using me
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Why did she reach out to me?
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