My ex started sleeping with his friend. Is it really over?

Me and my ex where together 6 years and have two kids together, We broke up a year ago but continued to have sex on a few occasions, until a couple of weeks ago he said it should be the last time.

Found out last week he’s been sleeping with one of his friends, I asked him was it before the last time we had been together and he said no but they’ve been flirting for a while and then they got together when they where drunk, he says it’s nothing it only started so it’s not even really a thing yet but I don’t believe that can be true. I’d always had my suspicions about her tbh because she would travel up from where she lived a lot more than she ever did when we where together, part of me thinks I’ve put the idea in his head cus I’d confronted him about it before, she’s just recently broke up with her partner aswell and has a kid of her own,

I just can’t believe this has happened I’m heartbroken because I thought we could have worked things out I’m just not sure what to do now we have two kids together to make things more complicated.

I’m trying To keep my distance in hopes it’ll make him miss me but I’m afraid he’s just moved on now and annoyed we never gave it a second chance properly, do I have any hope of getting back together with him?

I just feel so lost and betrayed and like he used until he got something better is it possible she could just be a rebound? There’s always feelings when it comes to sex especially when it’s a friend who he’s known for 10yrs.
My ex started sleeping with his friend. Is it really over?
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