Why won’t my ex pay me back the money he owes me?

My ex ended things a month ago out of nowhere. When we met to clear the air, he was aware he owed me a good bit of money for a holiday we were supposed to be going on together. He said he’d pay me back that week, he has my bank details etc.

It’s been nearly 3 weeks now and I still haven’t got my money back. I dropped his stuff off at his house last week to kind of hint at him to pay me back what he owes. His mom said he’s been very sad since we ended and she thinks he’ll come around. That being said he still owes me the money, I’m supposed to be going away with someone new now if my ex doesn’t want the ticket.

I also miscarried during the break up, and I told him, and he said he’d be there if I ever needed a chat and he’s gone completely quiet and has even unfollowed me on social media. He told me that he did all of that because he can’t handle seeing what I’m doing.

He ended things pretty irrationally but he’s said he’d been thinking about it for a long time which I don’t believe for a minute.

Anyways I’ve no idea what to do because I am doing no contact and don’t want to engage with him but I also need that money and I feel as though he’s being sour or bitter. My friends are saying he clearly isn’t dealing very well but I thought that dropping off his stuff would make him realise he owes me money too!
Why won’t my ex pay me back the money he owes me?
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