Is he a fxxk boy or not?

Understand if my English is bad, I am from Italy :(

So what happened is,
me and this guy met on Tinder and everything worked out well.
He told me on the first date that he will be stationed in Germany in three months,
and I said it's ok since I wasn't looking for something serious.

But we turned out to be amazing.
We had so much things in common and we started to really like each other.
He cooked for me, introduced me to his friends and co-workers, gave a gift to my mom,
and he even said he want to have a baby with me.
And surprisingly, I felt the same way.

But the time had come and he had to leave.
We said the love word and I said I want to be in a relationship.
And he said no.
He said he will invite me and we will do all the crazy things in Germany and US,
but he doesn't want to stop me from meeting other guys.
He is not interested in going out with other girls, but he doesn't want me to waste my time
waiting for him. Also he would let me know if he meets someone although he was not planning.
He expected me to do the same.

And I was like 'is he a fxxk boy or not?'
And half of my friends say that he is a fk boy and he was just messing with me before he left, and I mean every guy wants to fk an Italian girl.
Other half say that he is a nice guy and prolly just wants to respect my freedom.
I am not sure if Im dumped, used, respected or whatever.
So would you please help me.
Is he a fxxk boy or not?
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