Ex girlfriend cheated on her new boyfriend with me?

We started our relationship around 15 yo, she was my first and I was her first. Lasted 5 years and broke up because of distance about 2 years ago, we both went to study abroad. We kept talking everyday until she met someone who became her boyfriend and I had to block her from every social network so I could try to get over it.

We ran into each other at a bar while visiting our hometown a couple of months ago and she told me that she was having second thoughts about her life over there and that she missed me. The next day we went to a party and talked about us and how it would be nice to get back together in the future we both said we still have feelings for each other and ended up kissing and having sex. She felt guilty and told her boyfriend about it but only told him that it was a kiss. She's now back with him and we haven't had any contact since we both left.

My question is, is it possible that she's not in love with him but with the idea of being with someone and living in another country? I know her a lot and I really do feel like she's still in love with me but doesn't want to miss out on the things she's able to do with him over there.
Ex girlfriend cheated on her new boyfriend with me?
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