Why does my ex bfs ex gfs keep bugging me?

So I dated a bad boy, but I'm honestly not a bad girl. I'm a virgin, I never masturbated, and I'm an untouched virgin. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, or party. I'm relatively introverted and quiet.

Anyways, my ex boyfriend was like I'm going to cheat on you and you're a stuck up virgin. Blah blah blah.

Some random ass chicken looking white girl with a pig nose came out talking about, "I'm blonde and better than you." I don't know this bitch.

I was furious with my ex boyfriend cause of the drama, not that he cheated. I planned on dumping his illiterate ass anyways. I have a no dating rules in my 20s and I'm newly 20.

I don't care for the past or to dwell on it. No one cares about that bitch or gay as ex of mine. At this point, I've been on this Earth for 20 years and used to stupid ass people.

My ex would follow a ton of blonde white women with bubble butts and small breasts. Based on me and the other so called women he has dated, I realized he dated me because I'm a black girl with a bubble butt and small perky breasts but they had the whole blonde thing going on.

At this point I didn't care nor was I mad because like I said, I'm an untouched virgin. His first ex was some Bible thumping undercover freak hoe and the second one was just a straight up drunk hoe.

I don't even like white men anymore. Anytime my ex would attempt to get my attention or people brought him up, I'd just shake my head.

Why are girls so obsessed with their ex's ex gfs? As if he isn't fucking other women. No one cares, he's a stupid young male. No one cares if you're blonde, if you're white, if you're brunette, if you read your Bible, etc. He's sticking his dick wherever he can.

He is actually broke and really disgusting. I wouldn't be caught around that bum.
Why does my ex bfs ex gfs keep bugging me?
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