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I broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years 3 weeks ago tomorrow. We used to live together for 2 years, bought a puppy and even got engaged. She moved back to her parents house to pay down her student loan debts. I moved back home as well then relocated to Arizon for work. We live 4 hrs apart. For close to 2 years we did the long distance thang. Our relationship has not been always the greatest. Communication was key, that is something i always told her about. We got into about a dozen arguments everyone of them initiated by me due to communication issues. She would adjust for a few days or weeks then revert back to her ways. We used to talk 5 or 6 days a week, and with the months it came down to maybe once a week.

I tried to explain to her about communication all the time, towards the end i felt really lousy about myself, i felt unwanted and now she rarely replied back to my texts or calls. This is a woman whom I've known for close to 10 years, we were engaged.

A good friend of mine passed away 3 weeks ago anf it made me reflect on my life and how unhappy I've been. I feel like i was supportive with her paying her loans but we talked about her relocating. It was put off a couple times. Im alone in AZ, loneliness and depression sets in from time to time.

I broke up with her 3 weeks ago, i have always been in love with her regardless of the fighting. I truly miss her. I've held strong on the no contact. Is it stupid of me to want her to come back? To realize that in a good man, who tried everything to help her move to be together. Someone worth fighting for. Do you think she will make an attempt to make up and make it work? I've been unhappy for a while and have expressed my feelings to her. Why do i feel guilty about the breakup and why the urges to cave in and make it work?
Please read and give feedback?
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