Is it wrong to have empathy for a ex?

He treated me badly once we got to the end of are relationship and I've not seen him since April, it's helped me move on a lot better from him and find the love of my life. Now im with my new boyfriend im happier than ever and dont know why i ever gave my ex the time of day, i deserved better and now I've found that.

Its just i kinda got given my exs job and that's why he's unemployed now and i can just imagine how lonely he must feel. He treated me really badly and acted as if he didn't care but deep down i know he did and i know he's probably taking the fact i have his job and happy relationship now pretty badly now.

He's apparently been avoiding me, which is understandable im not even sure i want to see him ever again either after everything it just be to painful and we'd end up fighting. I just want to know if he's okay and doing well, especially mentally he had a lot of mental health issues and is good at hiding them, i hate to think he could be going through a rough time. I've not heard any good news from his friends and it sounds like he's given up.

He must feel such a loser, i know how it feels to have your heart broken, he broke mine and to be unemployed. I just don't want him to be depressed even if i hate him a little, he was my first love and i still feel a tiny bit of attachment to him but just not in the way i used to.
Is it wrong to have empathy for a ex?
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