Should I feel bad for not remembering her?

Last year I sustained a massive blow to the head and it cracked my skull and caused permanent memory loss and temporary seizures.
I've mostly recovered, but I ran into a girl who knew me and she said she was my ex, and I kept telling her I didn't know her, she started crying and said she didn't understand. I explained my injury but she cried more, eventually walking away.
She was married, so I didn't understand why she'd be so upset. But apparently I had dated her for a few years, according to my friends, and she was my first love. But I don't remember her at all.
I have a current girlfriend, and she had a difficult enough time when I got hurt, so I haven't mentioned it to her. But my friends say I should tell her and try to remember more. But I dunno.
Should I feel bad for not remembering my ex?
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Should I feel bad for not remembering her?
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