I want my ex back and don’t know who else to talk to?

My ex ended things at the end of July after 3 years together. It was bitter initially but we met up in August and clarified everything. He said he’d had doubts for months which I believe to be a lie. He said he still had love though. Then he told his friends we’d just grown distant, so I know it’s all lies. I met with his mother who said to me that she thinks that he was suffering major anxiety with the future and that she doesn’t think it’s quite the end of us yet. My parents are feeling the opposite though but that’s because they see how he hurt me so they’re angry. His parents love me though. We were a brilliant couple and there were very few problem in the relationship. The only issues were stress of the future and worries of where we’d end up as we were just finished college.

He’s started going out a little bit since ending which isn’t his scene at all, but I’m happy to see him doing it. He’s deleted and muted me on a lot of platforms because he said he couldn’t handle seeing what I was doing. I have that affirmation that he’s hurting and trying to move on, but I want him to see what he had. We shared the best experiences together.

I feel like in time he will realise what we had, but the problem is he’s not very vocal and I don’t think he’d come forward and say he messed up because he’d be afraid of rejection, because when we met up to clarify the breakup, instead of being needy, I agreed and said it was the best decision.

He owes me money and we were meant to be going abroad together in November but he just said I can have his ticket, I don’t think he realises the money he was putting to waste when he said it to me. It was a very expensive trip.
I’d love some tips on how to get him back?
I want my ex back and don’t know who else to talk to?
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