Am I being played and mugged off here?

So I had a thing with this man for 5 years he then went prison for 2 and then we have started meeting again. He used to play a lot of games before prison so I did cut him off anyway just before he went prison.

I have only only just found out that’s where he was the two years as I changed my number and moved on. Anyway we have started meeting up , we went out first night and I slept with him. He messaged two days later.

then we met up again and I went on holiday for a week and he messaged 2 days after I got home. Very bluntly and now I haven’t heard anything for another 5 days so far. He plans on meeting me on Thursday , un yet he doesn’t talk to me , call , text nothing ! The only Time he will talk is the day I’m meeting him.

He is constantly online on WhatsApp so he is obviously talking to other women and just not speaking to me , clearly. He doesn’t plan on taking me out on Thursday , just coming round. ( obviously using me for sex) well trying anyway.

I’ve told a few of my friends about the situation and they said give it some time but in my heart I know this is wrong and my instincts are screaming out to me, telling me to block him.

I feel like he is completely taking me for a ride and mugging me off and just keeping me there for when he feels like it?
I also told him at the start I want a man who chats to me everyday and we get on and he makes me feel comfortable, I said I did not want a friend with benefits.
I slept with recently because I have slept with him millions of times in past so what difference does it make.
even if I made him wait , this is still the type of person he is and I wouldn’t want to be with someone that treats women like this.
Am I being played and mugged off here?
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