Was I being cheated?

I found a girl... for me in college, we developed likings for one another but came on a decision that we should not perish further until we see something beyond in each other than our exes. I told her that she had her time while I am waiting for her. We continued as friends and I kept my feelings inside me so that she does not find me wanting her. We were a group of five friends in which my roommate was also there who has more attractive physique and smarter than me. I hoped everything to be normal when I found that I am being replaced slowly from late night chats to long gossips, from loud laughters to deep convos.
That eventually made me worse but I kept on thinking it was normal in a friendship.
I was feeling left out and deserted when I once read the WhatsApp chats of my roomie with her, they were very comfy with each other. Actually, they seemed in a relationship already when I read their chats (intimate ones). I was thrashed to hell, the next 24 hours were heavy for me. I needed to handle the situation my way. The next day we boys planned a party at a bar just to enjoy our friendship. I kept all the shit inside me but that night I drank too much and asked her about why didn't she tell me about her relationship to me, to which she simply denied that there's nothing as such between them, I told her that I have read their chats, hearing which she panicked much and was sad upon me to read their chats and said that I have broken their trust.
The next morning I realized I shouldn't have told her that I have read the chats, things hadn't been changed then. I can sacrifice my feelings for both of them, they mean much to me but I can't remain with the guilt of reading their chats as I know I did wrong but landed right else I would have never got to know about it.
What to do now? I want to get away from all this, I can't be the third side of a triangle and can't afford to lose my friends in all this.
I will get up from this heartbreak, but I need someone to support me.
Was I being cheated?
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