Positive answers only. How to get my ex back?

I miss my ex more than words can describe. We broke up in August and the pain of it hurt me so much (because he broke up with me out of the blue), and it resulted in me leaving. I had a miscarriage after we broke up and he told me he’d be there for me but he’s cut contact. I left the country for the month to clear my mind and self improve and see if the breakup was a good decision. I can’t seem to think it was a good idea. We were so good together and although there was minor fights, it didn’t warrant us ending.

Before I left, I met with his mom and she agreed that it was a big mistake. She said that he had anxiety about his future and getting a job, which is what I suspected. She said that relationships take work and he doesn’t realise that. She told me that she’s not closing any doors in our relationship just yet and I agree. Having said that, he has had doubts before but I don’t know if that’s because he’s worried about the future or if he thinks we are bad together. We had very similar long term goals and prospects and we got on extremely well. He suggested we were incompatible when we met to end things but we honestly had the same goals. We had different hobbies which isn’t a bad thing, but we both loved travelling and had the same long term goals (family, living in the countryside).

We were meant to go to Dubai in November but he told me I can bring someone else. When we ended he said he’d pay me back for the ticket (and he still hasn’t). He told me to bring one of my girl friends and didn’t seem happy at the idea of me going with a guy.

Time is ticking and I don’t know what’s happening because I can’t change his name on the ticket, so he either goes or we lose out on €1000.

I miss him terribly and although I’ve self improved, I do think we are great together. He stopped watching my social media cause he hurt too much & the other day I saw he was watching my Instagram stories. Is he getting curious?
Positive answers only. How to get my ex back?
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