Is it up to me to reach out to her?

I went out with this girl for a few months, and we got along so well. We had similar family struggles, and came out of really devastating breakups where the other person betrayed the other.
After a few dates, she said she really liked me, said I was the best guy she's ever met and she wanted to be together and fall in love with me. But she said she wanted time to sort out her heart and be over her ex.
After 3 months, I was seeing how she was doing, and I had periodically checked on her as time went by. But she snapped at me and was angry for some reason and at that point I just gave up. After not talking for 2 weeks, I had unfriended her and blocked her after a few days. Our only method of communication was on Facebook.
It's been 6 months, and I had eventually unblocked her.
I do miss what we had, and feel I destroyed any chance I had when I did what I did.
Is it up to me to reach out to her? Or is it 100% on her?
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Is it up to me to reach out to her?
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