Is this just overthinking on my end?

So at work we were talking about exes and our worst ones

I mentioned how one ex was controlling and said "she was the one that cheated."

I just said it then realized that it was never proven

I mean she had dreams of me cheating. Made me block a female friend. People said she used to flirt with this guy and she snapped him a lot. She told me it was for work yet they had a work group snapchat. She just snapped him privately.

Then a week later she was dating him after the breakup and rubbed it in his face.

So it sounded like she did

Again I wasn't perfect in the relation and won't claim to be. I made a ton of mistakes. Nothing cheating but when we fought I said mean words. I have learned not to do that now.

But anyways I am a bit suspicious a co worker will tell my ex. I mean they asked her name and I said "she is a client for our spa we work at but I won't say the name"

Was I wrong?
Is this just overthinking on my end?
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