Should I go forward with publishing?

So I've been writing a book for about 10 years. I started writing it shortly after I met my ex, it's a bit autobiographical in nature, drawing from dreams I started having after meeting her, and still have regularily even though we've been broken up for about 6 months now.
I have the utmost respect for my ex, and have taken care to edit the book as best I can to not include details I might think would affect her negatively.
I've spent so much time crafting this book, it seems like a shame if I didn't go forward with it, but as I get closer to finalizing the editing, I find I'm worrying about how she will react.
I do have two other novels I'm currently working on as well, though nowhere near completed, so I know it means I could just publish those, but again i hate to see my creation die.
Do I go forward with publishing, or do I scrap it on account of my ex?
Should I go forward with publishing?
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I'm still not sure what to do, but I have gained at least some insight into the matter and I appreciate the input.
Should I go forward with publishing?
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