Why is she being like this?

I asked out this girl and we went out 2 times in 3 days and we had a really good time and she said she really liked me.
Then she didn't answer for a few weeks, and then she texted me apologizing for not getting back to me, she was having some family issues.
We talked for a few days, and she didn't respond for another week. Then I told her, if she wasn't interested anymore or didn't want to go out again, id prefer her to let me know. She said she didn't mean to come off that way, and she really liked me and she missed me a lot.
I asked if we could get together and she hasn't responded to anything since.

She said at the end of the second date, she really liked me and asked if I'd be open to moving in of things worked out well. I'm really confused.
Why is she being like this?
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