Why is my ex sending mixed signals?

Hey! My ex and I broke around 2 months ago. After a month of break up, he suddenly out of nowhere started posting relationship quotes which only I could see on his insta stories. All of those related to our situation and relationship, and which were more about love, something along the lines of 'if you love a person learn to wait, maybe you're not supposed to be together today but in future' and the like. Then after a few days, he called me up, asking me to be friends with him and was justifying his acts, all that he did that made me suffer towards the end of our relationship. He shows at times that he's concerned about me, he still cares, is affected by what I think of him, and this behaviour of his has been noted by our mutual friends as well. I can't understand what he wants, since he does this stuff but also tells our mutual friends that he does not want a relationship with me. Why is he sending such mixed signals? Is there any possibility that he might want to get back together but does not know how to say it or is not yet ready to get back?
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Also, he's kind of getting himself isolated whenever we are with our friends (we are of the same friend circle) and it seems as if he's trying to avoid me.
Why is my ex sending mixed signals?
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