So angry at my ex, I can't deal with it anymore?

please please help. I feel I'm on the verge of mentally breaking. My ex and I broke up six months ago. I tried to see her, try again, work things out but it was a lwyas no. She treated the relationship badly at the end and drove it down so far that I couldn't see any other way but to 'mutually' break up but I know it's what she wanted just didn't have the guts. I've seen her once since where she blatantly ignored me then text me afterwards out of guilt saying she saw me but couldn't say hi because I wasn't facing her...
after all this I'm still in love with her, I miss her terribly she sometimes messages me and then after a while of texting she blatantly ignores me and doesn't reply while posting over social media. I know she's been chatting seeing anither guy and then it dies off and comes back again. This guy likes a lot of girls pics on insta, follows loads of girls and only a week ago a girl put up a pic of them on the sofa together. Yet my ex seems so interested in him? What's all that about? This said girl still likes the guys pics etc so they are obviously still connected.
I get so angry seeing her doingbthis while completely ignoring me. I have constant anxiety, depressed and just can't stop thinking about her. I feel totally lost and confused and don't know what to do.
So angry at my ex, I can't deal with it anymore?
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