Am I being too controlling?

Blake Shelton did a party on the plaza in our small town. My girlfriend got free tickets. She really wanted to go. I don't like how loud concerts are and figured there would be too many people there and I would not be able to hear anything so I decided not to go. I told her she was not allowed to go either , but she ended up persuading me into dropping her off. He had a meet and greet afterwards at my favorite bar. Now I wish I would have went.

She sat in the back with her sister instead of front with me. I slammed the car seat into her legs several times and kind of hurt her knees. We had the worst fight about it. She was really mad I sad she deserved it for sitting the wrong seat.

She spent 12 dollars that we don't have on Halloween decorations. I hate Halloween feel that it is a satanic holiday. I demanded they be taken down or will destroy them. She says that better not happen because she lets me have my stuff up. She looked scary when she said it.

I want this to work but I am not used to woman that disobey me and do there own thing no matter how much I protest. I have told her she is too strong willed a woman which will put people off and she just laughs.
Am I being too controlling?
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