How to get over an abusive relationship?

My abusive relationship ended three months ago but I still can't help but to blame this person and myself for what happened. He was physically and emotional abusive.
In our 9 month relationship, I paid for almost everything. Our meals --whether it be eating out or cooking for ourselves. I bought him clothes, I paid for our vacations (that I didn't want to go on), I gave and "borrowed" money to him. He would accuse me of cheating almost everyday and I was so terrified of speaking to anyone of the opposite sex, even to look them in the eye. I stopped dressing up, putting up makeup, going to the gym and generally let myself go because he didn't want others to look at me and didn't allow me to go to the gym because there would be men who would look at me. He got physically abusive twice in the course of those 9 months and I tried to leave 3 times before the relationship truly ended. The police even got involved the first time he hit me but the relationship didn't end there. I felt trapped, it was a small town and I didn't know anyone, he knew where I lived, where I was all day but I was able to leave him for good when I moved away.
I don't miss him, I kind of hate him actually. I hate that I let myself be controlled by this person and I hate that I was alone. I wasn't able to maintain new and flourishing friendships. I wasn't able to save any money even though I was making more than I ever have during this time. I don't love him nor miss him but I can't move on. I feel like I wasted 9 months of my life on this person and now I am finally getting back on track but I still feel haunted by him when I couldn't continue my studies where I was because of this situation, when there are tens of thousands of dollars less in my account because of him. I felt more like a mom at times rather than a girlfriend. I also felt guilty for thinking of leaving but now I am only feeling regret for not leaving sooner. How can I move on?
How to get over an abusive relationship?
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