Should I ghost her?

I am not gonna lie, I am a mature man of age 36 years old and don't have time for games. I recently made a post about the girl I was dating, what finally has dawned on me, is a few days ago she admitted trying to get a reaction out of me (make me jealous) on purpose about some guy and it really pissed me off she did that. And because she did that, there are other things on my mind now, she mentions her exes how she misses them (the friendship part she says), and talks about other guys and girls who are cute/sexy, and told me that one of her exes said she was getting turned on by just talking about she did with him to me, and then she is going to a concert with a friend to see a band, apparently she has a crush on a band member (which I don't care about that). She is constantly talking about "someone else" and its like she is constantly trying to get a rise out of me. Should I mention we already fucked and I thought she ghosted me? She responded to me and said she has a lot going on, still wants to see me etc. technically she also said she is on dating apps, and I Feel like she is only dating me to see if she can get a bigger better deal. And to be honest I don't really trust her anymore after she told me I could trust her.

Anyway, I just feel like I am being used, she only calls me when she has a problem or wants to get out of the house. She never calls me to tell me she is thinking about me or anything like that. I FUCKING HATE GAMES. And I want to call and bitch her out but that will only show her she has power and I am not in the mood for it. I want to be a man but I think I should just ghost her because she obliviously acts like she don't give a fuck about me.

So should I just ghost her?
Should I ghost her?
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