Why would an ex unfollow you on social media?

We broke up 2 months ago and when we ended, he told me he’d be very mature and wouldn’t go and delete me on social media. He said that he’d muted me so he didn’t have to see what I was up to.

He originally deleted 2 photos of us and I asked why and he said because he couldn’t handle seeing them online. I went out on Saturday and he saw my friends social media that we were out having fun. On Sunday or Monday, he deleted one more photo of us, and just yesterday, he unfollowed me on Instagram. I don’t understand what’s going on in his head?

He owes me money and hasn’t given it to me. My family say he’s purposely not giving it to me so I’ll reach out first. I’m not really giving him the power, I haven’t begged or asked for him back. I’m seeing someone at the moment and it’s actually going well. I assume my ex has seen me tagging the new guy in stuff online too which may be another reason for removing me, but I’d love an outsiders opinion?

Does it jeopardise a rekindle of friendship in the future?
Why would an ex unfollow you on social media?
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