Should I break up with a paralyzed? Or am I evil?

My boyfriend of 2-3 months is paralyzed. We were attracted right away talked a lot a connected very quickly with out me even "seeing" the chair as an issue. I'm and optimistic person though I get super frustrated about having to deal with his chair frontage beginning taking him places as it requires a lot of time and patience for me and I knew from the start this would bother me and I communicated this. I feel I should have never started dating him for this reason because I'm not a patient person though I've improved.
Hear me out though, I didn't want a relationship to begin with and I feel he started calling me girlfriend out of convenience and is not being clingy but at same time he's fallen in love with me and is working out his personal issues becoming a better person. I am not in love though I do absolutely love and care for him so much and I have told him this. I do enjoy time with him very much and he's a kind person and getting to know him more and learning how things would be
I have tried to convince him I don't believe we are compatible even though our sex life is amazing and we do connect and have a few things in common. I'm regretting this though because I do have feelings for him so much though practicality, logic and logistics have sunk into me to me about how much I will have to sacrifice and he doesn't seem to see it. I am not sure I want to do. when I communicated this he says "what your telling me is, I'm not good enough or worth you trying" makes me feel so mean. There so much more but this is the simple version. Thanks
Tell me your thoughts and please offer solutions.
Should I break up with a paralyzed? Or am I evil?
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