How do I bring this up with her?

Ladies, I need your help!

Me and my girlfriend aren’t talking anymore, last time I saw her was over a week ago

She’s shut me out for the last few months and refuses to speak to me about anything real

It’s gotten to a point where I can’t take it anymore, I’m dealing with my own issues now and I’d really need her to be there
Even when my recently my grandfather fell ill with the big C she never asked how he was doing, or how I was taking it for that matter

I really needed someone to be there for me and she straight up isn’t, doesn’t seem to want to be there

I think it’s time for “the talk”
How do I let her know I want to have that conversation?
Maybe in a way that doesn’t scream “we’re over”
If there is the slightest chance in hell I’d still fight for us, but I can’t see it happening

What do I say?
1 mo
So I went for it, I told her we needed to talk.
She said we did and 15 minutes later we were broken up
She didn’t want to do the whole face to face thing

I deleted her off everything and deleted every single picture involving her
It’s time to move on

Drank myself into oblivion twice to get over it, and it sorta helped.

I guess I’m just destined to be by myself
Anyways, thank you for your advice and the time you took to reply
How do I bring this up with her?
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