Girls, I wrote this up for her, how stupid of a move do you think this is?

So i posted --> this thread <-- not to long ago, now about an hour or three ago

It's 4 am and i couldn't get much sleep despite shotgunning half a liter of whiskey (besides the point, but it tells you what state i'm in)

All i can do is think about her and it's eating me up inside, she posted a picture on facebook and all i could do was stare at it for like 30 minutes

I wrote this to send to her, it still feels like it's the end right after this but i hope i'm mistaken

Hey hun,
So i think we need to have a bit of a talk you and i
and yes, it is about us, it is about what's been going on as of late

Us doesn't feel like it used to be, we've never been closer, but never have i felt more distance between you and i
It's killing me to even think about this, but if i don't say this, i will literally go insane

You have been shutting me out and that stings, i thought i could handle it, but 3 months have gone by without us having any intimacy in our relationship, it hurts not once having heard you say you love me in the past 3 months.

(Editors note, the intimacy not just being sex, but cuddling on the sofa, her giving me a kiss once every so often or just saying she loves me)

I don't think this is what I'm looking for in a relationship, i was willing to wait, give us a chance to work things out
But i assumed there would still be something that connects us, apart from a facebook status no one can see.
I can't be the only one feeling this way, you must have noticed too

If there is even a small chance we can work this out, tell me, because i still love you more than you'll ever understand
But if this is it, if this is us
I don't think i can keep going

I hope to hear from you soon
For ever yours
- Me

I'm sorry for the wall of text, but please, any reply would help me a lot
Thank you
Girls, I wrote this up for her, how stupid of a move do you think this is?
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