I've started talking to my ex again?

Started talking to my ex again after six months breaking up. It was mutual break up, I never wanted to however she stoped wanting to see me so eventually after trying for months I eventually agreed to mutually break as I couldn't see any other way.
we had stayed in contact here and there's over the months both of isn't initiating. I asked her to meet up early on, talk try again and every time it was no. She would ignore me for months. I would never chase her, she would ignore my message deliberately. I messaged her a couple of weeks ago and I put my feelings in the table. I told her I still like her and regret the last and if I had a chance again I'd do things different. She asked me I was wanting to try again. I told her I want to meet up and talk, I want to see her. She went on to say how upset she was at the end and I said things that upset her , I didn't realise this. I apologised and explained things and she explained how she felt too. She remembered the good times but struggle to forget the bad at the end. She told me she wasn't sure if she wanted to meet up and she'd think abiut it. She said she was confused. She said we could still keep talking. She said she'd let me know when she knows about meeting up (how longs a piece of string?) we've been talking since. I guess a positive isn't she never said no?
she's been very cold at the start taking but I've noticed over the last few days she's opening up a bit more, being a bit more upbeat and talking better. However she takes ages to reply, I can see her online and she ignores me for hours until she replies. If she wasn't interested she would reply quicker? I've also seen her liking pics of another guy too.
I dot know where to go from here? What is she thinking?
I've started talking to my ex again?
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