My recent EX is going in a very violent break up and I want to fix it, he's really angry and forcing me to take my stuff back in days I cant?

Hello, so my boyfriend and me we had 2 and half recently broke up, it was a huge ONLINE fight and i want to fix it.
We had a fight over an understimated thing, things got worse, i got angry, i told him a lot of complaints i had on him, he broke up, blocked me on all social media since i got clingy, next day he unblocks me, he texts me he wants to give me my stuff back, he doesn't wanna his stuff back.
I told him i didn't wanted to talk right now and we could fix things later but he got angry, insisted on me having to get my stuff back as soon as posible, i told him i can't, next week, he keeps insisting and he wants a good reason, i tell him i dont wanna drama around and we can still fix this relationship, he's ignoring all my requests since i made the fight worse and hummilated him, now i tell him okay, i make an effort, i go to uni, i told him he coulnt come to my home so he obviously fixated now on coming here.
he got worse bc i tell him this isn't working, its just yelling and anger so im gonna cut contact with me, he blocks me again with the warning he will call my mom and tell everything.
i told him to trash the stuff but he refuses and he insists in all my i can't days.
he seems like he's toxically trying to be with me without crushing his pride (insisting on coming to my home and asking stuff he shoulnt care like why i can't recieve him this week and calling me liying even when im being sincere, even told him about coming back.

So i basically screwed up big time, i want to fix this relationship and i dont know if keep firm or accept his terms so he calms down and we can talk later, i dont wanna enable him to walk over me but i also want peace terms, he's REALLY fixated on giving my stuff back.

Do i block him? it was my fault for making the fight worse? im being really doormat? he's really sweet and intelligent, its the first time he does this and i want him to stop and he starts to study normally, no making a drama and skipping classes?
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He says i deserve it and he deserves to be so picky because i ruined a two year relationship in a fight that i made worse (i got blindraged and told him past stuff it bothered me and we never fixed since he thinks its not wrong) he warned me about calling me today but hasn't and he told me the same thing yesterday so i genuinely think he wants to get back but first is getting all childish (he suffered the same toxic breakup and his parents got divorced recently and it made him all edgy and lonely
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I know very well i screwed up and got really toxic, calling back earlier stuff and making points on how he's as lazy as him, i think this was also because we are really close, we do everything togheter (i dont know if to call us dependent) and also showering him in "mature" mesages and calls, i just wanted us to be apart some days to chill out but i dont know about this receiving my stuff back and i dont wanna make it worse, he thinks im making fun of him acting superior, im chidish, etc.
My recent EX is going in a very violent break up and I want to fix it, he's really angry and forcing me to take my stuff back in days I cant?
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