How can I make my boyfriend unblock me?

i made a huge mistake to my boyfriend that called when i am drunk.

It is my bad drinking habit and it happened twice.. when i called him third times, we were okay and funny at the beginning but i don’t know why in the end, i said i have so many option not only you and i don’t trust you yet... even he is really nice and so good to me... by the way, we’ve been together for 6 month

Next day, i called him for apology, but he said “busy and doesn’t want to see me today” but i forced him to see me and worst thing is I WAS LATE.. he was super angry because he delayed his plan because of me.. i’m so bad.. when i got there, he’s gone and blocked my number.

next day, i called him again but still blocked so messaged by Whatsapp. I wroth super long text to apologize and bottom line was “ i respect you what make a decision for us but at least pls call or text me please..” and he blocked whatsapp too

He posted 2 photos instagram that had minor motorbike accident and mentioned “sprained ankle but will be fine” also, i checked he saw my ig story as well. So i messaged “ i’m really concerned you. Are you okay?” through ig and 2 hours later, he replied “l’m okay just fractured left foot”
i replied back “I feel relieved you are ok. I was hesitating whether I should contact you after your post. Hopefully get better soon. I hope you give me a call or text when you feel better. Till then take care“

I know i made him disappointed and hurt a lot.. but i don’t want to break up with him and i will wait until he responds me

Do you guys think he will respond me?
or He already broke up with me?
what do you think in his mind?
How can I make my boyfriend unblock me?
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