Are the way things went my fault?

I requested this girl almost a year ago, and we got talking and we connected right away. We got through the casual conversation and she opened up to me about her issues with family, her ex, and issues she was going through.
The only downside was she was two hours away going to college, but we had been in highschool together. She came down for Thanksgiving, but we couldn't get together, but she stopped by my work on black Friday with her family to say hi.
We kept talking and I thought we were getting really close and I connected with her so much, I even told her I was falling for her. We were supposed to spend her month break together through December and January. The day she came down, I changed to an opening shift, went to pick her up, even brought her roses, and she was a completely different person. She wouldn't say anything to me the whole ride.
While we were having dinner, she said she just had a migraine, and afterwards she asked me to take her home. She said that she felt terrible, but she wasn't over her ex like she thought she was, and she didn't feel ready to date me. She thought she was, and I could tell she was really upset.
I had the love of my life reject my marriage proposal earlier that year, and I knew her pain.
I gave her a brief kiss on the cheek and told her I understood. She hugged me several times and went back inside her parents place.
Over the next two months, she barely talked to me. She'd say she'd come over to see me, but would cancel. She'd talk to me about her ex over and over and she agreed to some plans for Valentine's day, but cancelled those too.
I was sad and she got mad at me for being sad and snapped at me, and at that point I had enough.
I unfriended her on Facebook, and after not hearing from her for a week, I blocked her and never heard from her.
It's been since March, and I felt bad for what I did, I felt guilty and gave into my friends and requested her last week, and she immediately denied it
I don't feel I was wrong Was I?
My fault
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Are the way things went my fault?
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