Can I get my ex girlfriend back?

Hi my names Nathan and I broke up with my ex 6 weeks ago. we had a great relationship together which lasted for just under a year, it was both our first long relationship with strong feelings involved '' love''.

Everything was going fine up until the last couple of months together, we both got really stressed because I lost my job and car and she was having a hard time at work. We had to start relying on buses to travel and see each other which I could tell was stressing her out.

I found out that she was also texting some lad behind my back saying they like each other but she wanted nothing to happen because she loves me too much. I started having trust issues with her from then on and would ask her questions as I didn't trust her.

Anyway we broke up 6 weeks ago on mutual terms and she was very upset about the breakup, she was even finding it hard to let me go and was crying on my shoulder.,everything was fine untill about a week later then I started getting desperate and was trying to get her back. I begged her, cried to her, even said nasty things to her, I was an emotional wreck and desperate for her love. she told me '' Don't be scared to love again ''.

I found out that just allmost two weeks after we broke up she was texting her ex boyfriend and meeting up with him, so I told her I cheated on her at the start of our relationship which was true . very foolish I know :(.. I asked how she could do this after we have only just broken up? I asked if she had to choose out of us both then who would it be? she said '' It wouldn't be on fair you to answer that''.

I went for revenge and told her new ex boyfriend that she was meet that she has got an std and if I as him wouldn't go there. Eventually he broke it off with her because I was giving him hassle that he didn't want.

Last week I saw her out in a night club and asked if we could talk, she just laughed in my face and said '' don't you get were not together anymore? I don't like you. leave me alone'' she was in my face being nasty so I pushed her away from me and she fell over on the dance floor. I told her I was sorry about what I did and that I regret it hugely. she said she never wanted to talk to me again. I was told recently she's been having a hard time over the breakup but she never wants to get back with me. So I sent her a text saying

'' I've had a good think about our breakup and I think you right about us not being together, I'm gonna respect your wishes and not contact you anymore. I enjoy every minute we had together, ill hold it dear. take care xxx'' I've decided to leave her alone and giver her space... do you think she will miss me eventually and come back my way?

I won't this girl to come back to me, I love her so much, so please don't tell em to move on :(
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Do you think she would come back to me even tho I cheated on her and got obsessive with her after the breakup. I know she holds feelings for me deep down. I ment a lot to her and was there for her often, we spent every day together allmost for a year
Can I get my ex girlfriend back?
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