Am I crazy and wrong or am I in the right?

Me and this girl hooked up and caught feelings for eachother and decided to date but she told me she was sick before but she wasn't to sick to go out with her friends so she canceld on me twice, i told her it's cool if she didn't wanna date we can just continue to be friends with benefits, she got offended and we quit talking, 2 weeks later we spoke again since she got offended and she said she did wanna go out with me she was just sick

so we actually hung out but then she started up with this im not forgiven spew , so all she would do would go out with me places and then it started to dwindle down to less text and her ignoring me throughout the day and night and then not giving me a legit schedule we could even both work on so we can set up things, claiming she works 7 days a week for 12 hours a day... So i told her and said you know what i don't dserve to be treated that way i understand your upset with me about calling you out and you were sick but i im not gonna be treated like a 2nd class citize. To you, i asked you for a chance and what you wanted to be but you haven't said so it seems you made up your mind and i wish you the best... well after her 18 hours of ignoring my last text she reponds back quickly and angry that im always tripping about something and she's good off me and bye and i just read it and that's it lol so i really wanna know am i crazy and wrong or am i in the right?
Am I crazy and wrong or am I in the right?
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