Was he cheating on me the whole time?

I am 24 and my ex is 19.

We dated for 3 months. When we first started dating he said he was a "virgin and this was his first real relationship"

Well it was a rocky relationship and I ended it with him. For a week he kept wondering if we could talk it out and work on it but I told him no. So he told me "I have something I need to tell you before you leave"

He said "when I was like 16 I once made out with a girl and I was a minor. Police almost were involved. When I was 17 I dated a girl for like 2 months. All this I wanted to tell you when we got deeper into the relationship"

I told him "thanks for telling me. Doesn't change anything"

I just realized what if he was talking to these girl the whole time in the relationship and now getting it off his chest. He was so adamant about me not talking to exes yet here he is.
Was he cheating on me the whole time?
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