She thinks I cheated. How do I prove otherwise?

So my girlfriend broke up with me about 2 weeks ago. Since then we have had minimum contact and I have asked her if we could work things out. I keep getting mixed signals.

Anyways I told her that there was something I need to get off my chest. I told her "When I was 14 I once made out with a girl at a part. When I was 16 I once dated a girl for a month till she cheated. I didn't want to tell you all this till we got really serious. But I would like a fresh start with you now so I am out clean"

She said "so you didn't like that I texted any exes or ex friends with benefits or they were close to my family. Yet here you are lying about your past to me and probably talking to them behind my back. Now we are done for good" she blocked me everywhere. Deactivated her accounts and changed her number.

A week later I hear from my friend that she is in a relationship with the guy I was always skeptical about. She would tell me not to worry about him.

Yet within the month she is with him

Anyways I still have guilt over her thinking I am a cheater. What do I do?
She thinks I cheated. How do I prove otherwise?
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