Need help getting over him?

So I’m really struggling to get over this guy I dated/ seeing for 6 months. I’ve had a really bad break up before - it was ugly & horrible, with a guy I was with for a year and a half who I saw every week, I was able to get over him relatively quickly.

However, I seem to be struggling this time around with a guy I knew for half the time & didn’t get to see that much as it was LDR. He ended things because he didn’t want a weekend relationship & had met someone else who lived 5 mins from him.

I've been focusing on myself, going to the gym, working on my goals, studying, seeing friends, going on dates, booking holidays. I’ve gone NC and haven’t spoken to him in 33 days, he hasn’t contacted me, except for liking my picture on Instagram.

I can’t seem to get him out off my head though, I’ll be listening to songs & then one will come up that he recommended or that we jammed too, I see his name everywhere & I just see things that remind me of him & the times we shared together. I don’t know why I’m having a hard time letting this go, does anyone have any other tips? I really want to move forward with my life and heal from this.
Need help getting over him?
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