Girls, my girlfriend of around 7 months asked for a break?

We have been arguing mostly because of me asking hypothetical questions about if I am going to be included in he future plans because she is done with college in December. This argument happened probably 3 times snd i put stress on her when i shouldn't have and acknowledged my mistakes and actions as being unfair and told her thst behavior will not occur anymore. She told me she wants a no contact break to focus on school and that we both need to work on some issues on our own and she will have a better idea of what is going on in December. A few days after our no contact break started she deleted her status of being in relationship with me so
I asked her the following:
I saw on your Facebook that were no longer in a relationship. I care about you a lot and believe you do me as well. I know we both couldve handled things better. Im respectful of your decision on taking a break but think its fair for me to ask is this relationship is completely over or if you still have intentions on reconnecting in December? Please be truthful with me. I love you.
Her response: Hi... Yes this is a break but it means we aren't together. I do want to reconnect in December and re evaluate our relationship. This is hard for me as it is hard for you.
My response was Thank you for being honest. And was last time I texted her. Which was a few days ago. Our breaks been about a week now. She changed her Instagram photo of us to a picture of just her but kept the photos of us together on Instagram and Facebook. I changed my photo to a picture of me that she took at the zoo and took off my relationship status as well and she liked my photo when I changed it. I believe that she does want to reconnect with me in December, I just want some girls opinions on our situation.
Girls, my girlfriend of around 7 months asked for a break?
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