Why did my ex block me from FB out of the blue?

My ex ended it with me about 6 months ago. We'd been close for a few years (as mates) & together for a year & have both told each other things no one else knows. Most of the time we were good & the split came from no where. There wasn't a third party and he loves his own company. It wasn't a bad break up. He basically said there was no connection which is bull. Personally I think he got scared. I was his first adult girlfriend.
When he ended it he said he'd always love me and be there for me but thought it was best to be separate. He can be shy, unconfident but stubborn too and hates to be wrong. I have always thought he was meant to be in my life even before any romance.
I have given him space & left him alone for the best part of 3 -4 months. No contact. Tho we were still friends on facebook & Watsap. One of his close mates works with me and he goes through stages of always mentioning him and then a few weeks later asking what I look for in a guy ( I said trust - which obv if he passes onto my ex will make my ex feel guilty.)
A few weeks ago I realised he had blocked me on fb. totally out of the blue, id not bombarded him with questions, I barely post on facebook so I doubt I could of upset him. If he has a new girlfriend I'm bound to find out as we have mutual friends on facebook - some of which are my best friends - who is aware off. I really don't get it. Weird thing is, he has kept my number as we are still friends on watsap? even more confusing:/ I have come up with 3 explanations:
1- he does have a girlfriend
2- he has deeper feelings then he realised and wants to take easy route (he hates confrontation..)
3- He feels ultra guilty as he knows he has really hurt me.
I'm going to be straight, I am still in love with him and do think we are meant to be, but I'm not going to wait. I've been on odd dates, I am meditating and trying to focus on myself but I'm not ready to be in a relationship with anyone.
What does everyone think? could there be other reasons?
Why did my ex block me from FB out of the blue?
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