Was this too far?

I asked out my high school and college crush and the date went ok. Kinda awkward, she said she had fun and she says that we've been friends for a long time, she just doesn't know we can transition romantically.
She followed up by being extremely rude and condescending a few days later and criticized how I am as a person and why we wouldn't work. I was really mad she made it so personal and walked off.
She texted me a month later, and asked to remain friends and I told her I didn't want to and I blocked her.
It's been over a year since then, and she texted me from a new number and asked for advice on buying a condo and I ignored her messages.
It's been a few months and she messaged me again, says she's happy for our friendship and also asked me for advice on her car.
I screenshot the definition of friendship and sent it to her. She replied very confused, and I told her she needed to learn what being a friend was and she has since not responded.

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Was this too far?
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